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  1. oh, nevermind, it started working again.. weird. and @Ego Eram Reputo that creats a new image, which is fine, except id end up with dozens of new images that id have to delete, before im halfway done. but thanks though.
  2. Version: 4.2.14 Problem: i can no longer use 1x1 pixels for resize. Why this affects me: One of my common methods of copy/paste is to open an image, highlight what I want to keep, Ctrl+C to copy t, Ctrl-R to resize current image, Type 1, Tab, 1, Enter to resize to 1x1 pixels, then Ctrl-V to paste the item to its exact size needed. But the new update (4.2.14) will not let me use 1x1 pixels. (the ok button will not highlight) i can use 2x2 but my muscle memory keeps hitting 1. was there a reason for the change? or is this a bug?
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