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  1. Already there ,but nothing ... those plugins pack didn't help me a lot,the mercury effect is not smooth or near to be like mercury. Sorry:(
  2. In order to create Mercury aka Chrome Letters i was trying to use "Object Bevel March 2016 Red ochre" tool. Here the sample : https://ibb.co/PFPcVs3 As you can see on my sample,the final result of the mercury is quasi perfect,but the artifacts inside red circles ruins me everything. Any solution for this ???
  3. And please,don't forget to join in our Gitter chat : https://gitter.im/dotnet/corert?source=orgpage Thanks to all.
  4. Hello people. I'm making this post to direct my question at Mr.RICK BREWSTER regarding the possible future of Paint.Net. Since i don't know if Paint.Net was made entirely by using C# etc ... i wish to ask Mr.RICK BREWSTER the following thing : It is possible to Re-compile the entire Paint.Net project by using CoreRt technology to make it finally Native App? See also these references to make an idea what i'm talking about : Building a self-contained game in C# under 8 kilobytes https://medium.com/@MStrehovsky/building-a-self-contained-game-in-c-under-8-kilobytes-7
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