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  1. Ah, thanks! I will try that! (And it's "anti aliasing"? I thought it was one word pronounced "an-she-a-lie-zing". Anti Aliasing makes a lot more sense, haha)
  2. Thanks, but as I don't have a tablet, Lasso is very unpredictable. Trying to accurately outline, say, an eye I've drawn with the mouse has not yielded good results. I've been fiddling with the Magic Wand's Tolerance using the + and - buttons, which seems to have helped a lot.
  3. When I make lineart, I often use the Magic Wand tool to select the lines themselves if I want to move part of the lineart without erasing and redrawing. The default Tolerance (50%) does not work; it selects only the darkest pixels in the lines and leaves behind a grayish shadow on either side of the line's former location. I am using the Line/Curve tool set to Spline for most of the lineart, and my Paintbrush is set at maximum Hardness, but there appears to be no way to get a perfectly black and white image with the Line/Curve tool. (I don't have a functional tablet and stylus at the moment, s
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