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  1. This is so weird and frustrating. I tried denying access to paint.net but it wasn't in the list of apps that can be denied. I chose to deny all apps, and then when I quit and restarted paint.net it doesn't show the webcam image in the corner but it shows the symbol that was under it that alternates between a reload symbol and a pause symbol, and then when I reenable the camera in settings, it reappears in the corner. I guess it doesn't really affect my use of the program, I'm just using it as a cross stitch pattern so I don't care if there is a random image in the corner, but it's just so offp
  2. As the title says, how do I turn off whatever paint.net is doing with my webcam? I closed the file and reopened it, and there is still a webcam window open in the bottom corner showing myself live. This has nothing to do with the image, but I can't find any function to use or turn off the webcam. How do I turn it off?
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