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  1. Thanks so much for your help guys. really appreciated. Have donated to boltbait as requested x
  2. I think this is what I mean ... but can't find download to add this to my version of paint.net 🙂
  3. Thanks for quick response. However, this doesn't give me what I accidentally found the other day. I was able to paste an item (a picture of a document) onto my main cartoon and then, by grabbing a corner, scew it so that it went sideways into a perspective format (getting smaller as it went away from me). It made it look like the document was almost viewed from side on ... Hope that makes sense Dave 🙂
  4. Hi folks, I suddenly found that I could scew a selected piece of one of my images I was working on (it was a part of the cartoon that I needed to give some perspective to - larger twards me and smaller further away. But how did I do it? I've tried repeating the steps but with no success ... any ideas please :-) Crippen - disabled cartoonist www.crippencartoons.com
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