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  1. I used the printit and now my problem is solved. It now prints the whole page on the images that it previously did not print out. Thank you.
  2. I created an image 7.5 x 10.5 inches [actually a form] and then tried to print it in paint.net to Canon 495 series printer. It always printed it before I downloaded and installed the newest edition of paint.net. It only prints half of the page and then ejects the page with the image half done. Then, I tried to uninstall and reinstall paint.net with all registery references deleted and reinstalled via a program that does that. I rebooted the computer. Checked everything for viruses. Uninstalled printer drivers and related programs and reinstalled them with all their registery references. Nothing helped. Then, I created a test image 7.5 x 10.5 in paint.net and was able to save it, load it into any of the following programs and print it out in full with the whole page printed just fine. Gimp, Phoxo, FireAplaca64, InfranView64, LazPaint, PhotoPadImage Editor, Window Paint. However, Paint.net would only print 1/2 the page. As I like Paint.net how do I fix this print problem?
  3. Works fine now...... I wiped everything out, ran CCleaner, checked registries for paint.net and eliminated all such, deleted paint.net, downloaded paint.net 4.12 to a new directory, installed paint.net to a new directory, and saved to desktop and it works fine now with save. Don't know why, but am glad it is now working for whatever reason. By the way, Paint.net is not replaceable by other graphics packages. Believe me, I tried. There are very expensive complicated ones, but not as easy and usable as Paint.net. I also saved the same file to drive d and to c drive documents and all works now for some reason. I do not do "one drive" or "cloud" as I find them irritating so I don't know about saving there. Thank you for your attempted help. I am glad I decided to try one more time to install and use Paint.net as now it works.
  4. Since I updated windows 10 on 8/1/2020, paint.net won't save. It does all the rest of the things just fine. When it goes to save, it freezes the program. I have to close the program even after waiting an extended time for the program to respond. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and even to a new directory. I have cleaned the registery before reinstalling. Nothing works. All my other programs will save just fine. I even downloaded a new graphics program and it saves just fine. Just paint.net does not save and freezes. I am running the latest version of Windows 10, have 16 g of ram, lots of hard drive, and my computer works fine otherwise. 4.2.12 Paint.net won't save.
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