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  1. Well, that is to toggle between 2 zoom levels (or am I misunderstanding something?), but I usually go between like 1500% -> 800% -> 400% -> 700% -> 2000% -> etc. so just having a way to switch around 1500% -> 100% (or less) -> 1500% -> 100% wouldn't help me much with what I'm used to be doing. And also as you can see from the example video, that way it's possible to quickly move between distant points on the canvas with just 2 clicks and barely any mouse movement, but with already present features the least it would take is Ctrl+B keypress, plus having to memorize preci
  2. I've seen such a feature in image reference software (not sure if I'm allowed to name any examples since advertising is prohibited). Basically it allows you to zoom quickly and precisely without using your mouse wheel. Technically it probably just takes the difference between p1, the mouse cursor position at the time of RMB click (on which the holding begins), and p2, the current mouse cursor position while RMB is being held down, maybe relative to canvas scale, and adjusts the zoom level based on that (zooming in for positive p2.x-p1.x, zooming out for negative p2.x-p1.x; by the way, in the s
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