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  1. Thanks, Pixey. Not too sure why the thumbnails weren't working but glad it doesn't seem to be me doing something wrong!
  2. I have a couple of feature requests for the select tool. Apologies if these have been asked before or have already been included and I've missed them. It doesn't look as if the thumbnails are working but I've included links to the images below. Extend the select tool cursor It can be very difficult finding the exact place to start a selection from when trying to line up with another part of the image. It would really help if the crosshair was extended to the edge of the image like in this mockup. Fixed ratio/size selection When using a fixed ratio or size selection tool and one reaches the edge of the image, the selection box loses the ratio/size constraint. Whilst being able to extend past the image edge using the unconstrained select tool is useful, I feel as if the image edge should be taken into acount otherwise. I hope the above makes sense and would be useful to other people.
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