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  1. Thanks for all your answers. I was able to open it with v3.5.11 (uninstalled 4.2.8, installed 3.5.11 withou a reboot) but i did some further investigations because i noticed, that the size in memory is only 8.837.044K with 3.5.11, which is far less than over 11GB of free/avaiable memory. By the way: The used memory size with 4.2.8 is only 7.433.952K. First of all, let me say that because of speed reasons, i do not use a pagefile, so there is a hard limit of 16GB ram-memory if pagefile is deactivated. I noticed, that 3.5.11 starts to opening the file no math
  2. Hello guys, i tried to open a older .pdn (from 2013 i think) with ~29mb filesize. I know that this file has a lot of layers and a very, very high resolution, but without much informations on nearly all layers, except the base layer. Today i tried to open the file with pdn 4.2.8, but it wasnt possible anymore because of "not enough memory". Ive created the file on the exact same computer (which is a i7 2800k with 16GB of ram and win7 x64 on it. only a 1080ti was added in 2018) Task-Manager told me, that there is over 11gb of free/available ram space. Even the
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