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  1. Well It seems 4.2.8 fixed that other issue too! Thanks!
  2. Inputs don't work well anymore on my wacom tablet (mobile studio pro). Pinching to zoom doesn't work anymore and tries to select instead. When using the select tool with a pen, and you want to select outside of what is currently shown in the screen, the displayed pixels would move if you went to the sides of the window, but now it doesn't work. All of this was working 15 mins ago, just before i updated. I don't know what version I was on because I didn't check before doing the update, but now I'm on 4.2.7. I've read in the release notes some things that might be related to that Added a "Native pointer input" setting if a "pointer" device is available (pen, tablet, touch screen). Disabling this will cause any pointer device to be emulated as a mouse, which may be more compatible but at the cost of smoothness. Pointer devices are listed in Settings -> Diagnostics. so I went and disabled it, and now everything works, but I wanted to at least report on it.