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  1. Well thanks anyways ladies & gents (and sorry for the really late reply), unfortunately my computer can't seem to run 3-D Modelling programs such as XNALara and the like. So I've been thinking of looking into rigging 2D character models. The program that I used to make that picture shown in my previous reply Kisekae does have some character model rigging capabilities but it is a bit limited. (Though to be fair Kisekae is probably the only 2D Charactor Creator program that I know of that has any sort of model rigging.) But I have been recently noticed this site... https://opentoonz.github.io/e/index.html And I thought I would look into that (though I have heard that Blender can be used for 2D Character rigging as well). Though let me guess would 2D character rigging be a bit too much for paint.net or are there extensions for that too?
  2. Well first of all sorry that it has been over a month since I've last commented here but that Road Runner pic is rather impressive. Anyways the reason why I have asked about this was on how I can make 2D character models with the program known as Kisekae. In which I can make models like these for example... While the program itself is rather customizable there is one issue namely on how characters can't face left, right or back only forward. Sure you can have their eyes to face in various directions but the body can only face forward. For a time I have been trying to figure out how to get 2D Models like these to face left or right. (But the fact that 2D models are well 2D and thefore flat have made this a bit more difficult.) I was just simply wondering if there is a to get 2D Models like these to face left or right and not be overly flat/stretched out on Paint.Net or Windows Paint 3D. Oh and before anyone suggests that I take up 3D models I'm afraid that is a no can do. Unfortunately programs like XNALara and Magic Poser tend to cause my lap-top to overheat and shut off for a little while. So in other words I for the most part can't do 3D and Windows Paint 3D is basically the only remotely 3D program that I know of that my computer can run. So what do you folks say?
  3. Apparently something went wrong when I got the G'Mic plugin because I don't see the Advanced Dropdown anywhere.
  4. Well I have downloaded the G'Mic and Shape 3D plugins, fairly liking the latter so far but I'm still learning how to use it. (But to be fair it is easier for me to learn than actual 3D programs like Blender and the like which is why I'm looking for things like this.) But as for G'Mic I'm still trying to figure out where exactly is the "Illuminate" function? Oh yes and as for Collages I do fairly know how to make one (been making them for a few years in programs like Pixlr and NCH PhotoPad.) But all I'm asking is if there is a way to get the pictures/layers to stay in the canvas and/or make it so that images/layers can't overlap each-other. Is that possible?
  5. Well I did try Bevel in that plugin pack but it didn't really work with me all that well for me. Say where is the plugin pack that has "Illuminate 2D" in it? I guess I should be a little bit more specific is that I have made character 2D models from this site in the past... http://pochi.eek.jp/m_kisekae.html (Note: The site is mostly in Japanese but this is the SFW version just to be safe so don't worry.) Anyways I have been using this site for some time which has plenty of options for customization and poses and such. But the only issue is that you can't have characters turn left or right. (Sure the eyes can change direction but the torso is forward position only.) I can take pictures of these models and have clear background png pics in which I can turn the characters left-right on the Z-Axis in the "Rotate Layer" option. But since these character model pics are 2D so therefore flat I'm trying to figure out a way how to stretch them with out them becoming overly blurry. So in other words to make a long story short I'm trying to take 2D characters and turn them to the side without making them flat or blurry. Note: On a different note is it possible to say for example I work on a picture collage and make it so that the layers can't be outside the canvas or overlap with one another? Just thought I ask if its remotely possible on paint.net.
  6. Hey folks newbie Pokejedservo here I have a question that I just thought I ask. I have noticed that on Paint.Net I can use a character portrait png pic and use the rotate tool in layers so I can change Z-Axis on the portrait. Therefore turning it and make the portrait look like the character is facing to the right (or left) but since the portrait is 2D its flat. I did hear about this nifty little feature on Photoshop at... https://youtu.be/kqAi5mNa2gM I have tried stretching the portait after I turned its Z-Axis to the right but it has a tendency to make the character portrait appear rather blurry (and often enough not by a lot of stretching). And I also did try to use the "Bulge" feature in effects but I really wasn't sure how I would get that to work. Does Paint.net have any sort of feature like this (or at least by plugin) or no? If not then do you folks have any idea if there is any free Photo Editor program that does have that feature? Just thought I ask...
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