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  1. Thanks all for thinking this through with me. My basic question was: is it correct that any form (rectangle square, circle or whatever) only has one aspect for its inside: colour, and not two (color and pattern). The way the edges of the pattern are being cut isn't an issue with me, so the answer that works best for me is Pixey's: use the bucket filler. I hadn't thought of that one for patterns, but now you pointed it out to me it's fairly obvious. Thanks! 😊
  2. Hi all, Not sure if I translated the terms in my question right, because I'm using a Dutch version of Paint.net. But I'm wondering: If I want to create say a rectangle with a solid line around it with a brick pattern inside, I now create two rectangles: one with ony a solid outline, and one with only the brick patterned inside. Because if I choose the dual filler mode: a filled form with a contour, my countour line also gets a brick pattern and ends up as a bit of a dotted line. Am I overlooking something? I've been searching with all kinds of terms and I
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