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  1. I hope someone can help me. I joined a website that would allow me to print out designs. But the resolution is not what the site wants. The resolution needs to be 300 to print out right. I created the designs and saved them in Microsoft paint. Then I uploaded them in I made the resolution 300 and saved them. I went to change one graphic. I used Microsoft Paint because I don't know much about how works. I was going to make the change and then upload in to check that the resolution was still 300, but when I went to Microsoft Paint, all the graphics of the website I was on flashed up for some reason. I did not upload all of those graphics in Microsoft Paint again. They simply flashed on the screen, as the window was open. I went back to the site and save a few and uploaded them into to see if Microsoft Paint had changed them, and the resolutions came out to 96. but I don' think Microsoft Paint change them, because I did not upload them. They merely flashed. I believe that when I changed the resolution in to 300, it did not last. Or maybe uploading them again in Paint changed them back to 96. Can someone help me figure this out? Is the change in resolution only temporary, or does uploading them into changer the resolution? Sometimes I reupload them and they have remained 300, but not today. Thanks.
  2. Hi. I worked on and saved a file in MS Paint. But I uploaded it in Paint.Net because the files I'm working on are required to be a certain number of pixels per inch, for example, 300 pixels per inch. You cannot set ppi in MS Paint to the best of my knowledge, so I uploaded the file in and set it at 300 ppi. I saved it as a PNG in But when I tried to open the file, it only opened in MS Paint. I'm afraid that the fact that the file only opens in Ms Paint means that the 300 pixels per inch is lost. Then I created a file in, saved it in as a PNG, but that too opened up in Ms Paint. How can I get the file to open up in Also, since I saved these files in, will the 300 ppi go away when it is opened up in MS Paint? Thanks.