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  1. It says I can only attach a file maximum size of .25MB. Had to reduce to include for illustration. Here a screenshot of my game. The tga file is superimposed onto a dds file when the mod is applied. It seems I can change the pixel values in the image tab and save it. But when I reload the game, the image is no larger.
  2. Affirmative. Including the file in another format for attachment.
  3. Hi All, I'm trying to modify a .tga file to enlarge an image. I've tried to resize and change the canvas with the image tab but when I save the file and open it in a game as a mod, it keeps coming up the same original size, 256 X 256 pixels whenever I paste it to a surface . I wanted to include a copy of the file in my post for your examination but was unsure of how to do so. I'd appreciate any help as I've spent hours trying to figure out a solution. Thanks.