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  1. I was looking for something like this, just couldn't find it so I figured I had to blend the edges to do it. Thanks!
  2. So I made a custom background/image and now I'm trying to implement it into an HTML website I'm making. I've tried some HTML code to stop repeating the image throughout the site, but that just leaves 1 small image and the rest of the site white. So now I'm trying to blend the edges where it'll look normal throughout the site and not have this obvious border: I currently have no idea of how to go at this problem, any suggestions or help to properly blend the edges to give it a border that doesn't stick out?
  3. @Pixey Thanks, are you able to provide a download link for the plugin you used? Or tell me what to search?
  4. So I'm looking to carry the shadow from this image on the right, over to the left a little. To give a better blend of course, but does anyone know of a tool, plugin, etc. that can help me with this?
  5. I'm still sort of new to and I'm just getting to the point where I want to know how to warp better. What I mean is like how celebrities warp there butt to look bigger. My reason for this is because a group of friends gave me an idea to make another friend have a giant butt and we'll use it as propaganda (we're highschoolers, we're dumb). So I tried practicing on a picture and I guess I don't have the right plugins or tools needed to do this. I read over the rules before posting this and I believe I'm allowed to post this image, but I'm not 100% sure (no nudity). Anyways, I tried practicing on this photo: The only tool I have at the moment that barely helps is the default "bulge" tool. I figure Adobe Photoshop would probably have something where you set points and you can easily bend the selected area, but I'd rather stick to Anyways, does anyone know of a good tool, plugin, etc. that can help?
  6. I tried that earlier, couldn't find the right color. I tried it again once I saw your reply, and I was able to make a light brown, but not a dark brown to match the poop. Also, I've wondered, are you the owner/maker of
  7. So this isn't changing one skin color to another, I'm trying to change a skin color to a dark brown. What I mean by this is, I'm trying to change AOC's skin: to match the color of this: I tried for a while trying to match the color. I couldn't get it, using all types of tools in the Adjustments tab, and using the feather object to blend the edges, etc. The final product, as you can see, does not blend well enough: Any help?
  8. I didn't completely understand what you were talking about when you said you used "Curves on Luminosity settings". I tried out the curve tool and searched around, couldn't find anything. I also tried using the eraser at 10%, and for some reason it was erasing the same as it would on 100%. The brightness/contrast part did help me out though. I got it looking a little better with that. I then looked up a face swapping tutorial to see if I can find something in more detail. I found one and all I got from it was to use the feather object a bit more, so I used that a few times, turned down the opacity a little, and ended up with this: Thanks for the help guys.
  9. Sorry for the double post, but I ran into another problem. The Hue/Saturation can't be matched well. Here's what I mean: Do you know of any other post/plugin/etc. that could help me with this? I've been trying the minute you gave me the link, and I still can't seem to get the right color.
  10. So the images I'm providing may seem a little strange, but I make my own photoshopped memes on Instagram, so that's why they're weird. Anyways, I've always had problems with layer blending. It always looks weird or doesn't turn out right, so I was wondering if anyone knew how to solve a problem like this (I don't want to have to switch to GIMP or something): As you can see in the video, none of the options blend correctly to match the color. I tried using the recolor tool, but here's my problem with that: Again, it doesn't correctly match. Does anyone know a plugin/extension/whatever that could help me correctly blend?