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  1. I have converted some Windows True Type font files (*.TTF) to Windows Bitmap files (*.BMP). The resulting bitmap fonts are for a printing system. Once the font is converted to a bitmap, I have to edit the various characters to make sure they meet the printer's specifications, so some of the characters may need to be adjusted up/down/left/right or resized slightly so that they all line up correctly. I've been doing this for years with paint.net and it works great, but now I have to make a font that is 1024 pixels tall, which results in the bitmap being 69707 pixels wide. Because of the limi
  2. I installed version 4.2 (4.200.7111.39790) and it doesn't support resizing bitmaps larger than 65535 in either direction or moving a selected area over the 65535 boundary. I also noticed that it won't allow filling a selected area or creating any shape, line or curve across the 65535 boundary. Hopefully support for larger bitmaps will be added in a future release as time permits. Thanks.
  3. I am able to load bitmaps that are wider than 65535 pixels, but when I try to move a selected part of the image where the selection crosses the 65535 boundary, only the portion of the image under the 65535 boundary is moved. I also noticed that I cannot resize a bitmap larger than 65535 in either direction. Are there any plans for adding more support for bitmaps wider than 65535 pixels?
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