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  1. It's about the questions like"wich is better than a spammer or dog" I answered many times and it's doesn't work. It was just awful. I realize I wait 25 minutes before log in me. I know I'm boring but it was so hard to answer at this question. If I were you I delete the questions for log in
  2. thanks hyrez but it scribe you have already an acount I'm little bit lost...
  3. Your security is awful. The picture is a good idea but the question is really awful. Could change that please?
  4. Hi, I've just a problem... I download paint.net and I delete it... Now, I can't download again because it said "there are an error during the download". Actually, i don't have money and i can't pay for the software. Could you help me please? P.S. I'm a french guy, I'm not very strong in English. Sorry if you didn't understand