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  1. Just called the plugin pack that, Upgraded Windows 10 to Build 1809
  2. Nevermind I frickly, fruckingly need Paint.NET 4.1 so I will use the update assistant. Why I need it: AMAZING PLGUIONN PACKC!11! 0M,G0MG0MG!!!
  3. I don''t need more help, thank you I downloaded an older version of Paint.NET and it worked with my system! It basically looks the same as the new version anyways
  4. Okay Ego, I'll try yours first. Thanks. I actually forgot to reboot.
  5. Okay, so assistants told me to update. Still on Windows 10 Build 10240, updated with Windows Update and installed all the remaining updates. Paint.NET still says "Windows 10 Version 1609 or higher is required" or something like that, I still need help...
  6. Well, sad. I have Windows Update disabled, but I will try to do it... Do I just install the updates, or do I update my OS again..
  7. Tf? Are you sure? It can't be.. Is there any way to install it because I don't want to update Windows.
  8. Paint.neti s supposed to work for Build 1609 and more recent, but I can't seem to run the installer. Image: If you can help me, thank you. PC Specs: Operative System: Windows 10 Build 10240 Processor: AMD Radeon A4-5300B APU Dual-Core Video Card: AMD Radeon HD Graphics Computer Manufacturer: HP Computer Model: HP Compaq Pro 6305 USB Ports: 4 Audio ports: 2 CD Tray: DVD-Multi Recorder RDL If there's something wrong with my PC that can be damaging the setup, NO there isn't. Before I upgraded to Build 10240 (i was in 1809), was working fine. help.