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  1. When you have ~1500 files to edit, a few extra clicks can make a huge difference.
  2. I have no idea why you are being rude to me, but I want to say a big thank you to Andrew David and Rick Brewster ...
  3. I just wanted to draw your attention to a problem that I noticed while using paint.net. I don't have this problem with the GIMP, or any other photo editing program I use... 😑 It could even be reproduced. But apparently that's how it should be. It's a shame because I can no longer use paint.net for that reason alone. I don't want to manually set the transparent color to black every time so as not to get the white edges. Unfortunately I have to edit the textures with GIMP... Thank you for the information and support.
  4. I don't think the Photo Viewer is the problem as these edges are also visible in games that use these edited textures. Quake III Arena - Screenshot:
  5. I think that might solve the problem. And that would be the option that could work too.
  6. I have a new Windows 10 installation and no additional software on the PC. I reinstalled the computer especially for this to test this statement.
  7. Hello. I uninstalled paint.net and deleted the following directories: %LocalAppData%\paint.net %ProgramFiles%\paint.net I then reinstalled paint.net and did exactly the same with the picture as described here. I get the white borders and the information is saved as transparent white in the PNG file. So there are no plugins installed and I also have these white borders when I save the picture as TGA (which Quake III Arena needs). I have an unchanged Windows 10 installation and I was able to reproduce this problem on 2 different noteboo
  8. That worked!!! Apparently that was the problem. It might actually be necessary to change the color to transparent black. 😬 Thank you for the help and for your patience. I can still create a video of my process while editing the image file, but it's actually simple: Open the image, mark the area, delete the area, save the image as a PNG (all with standard settings). Wouldn't it be an option if the user could choose the transparent color in the settings? Many thanks again! 😁👍
  9. I think that's exactly the problem. I don't know why, but the transparent white areas cause a white border on certain image renderers. Why does PDN use white areas? GIMP, Serif Affinity Photo, and Corel PaintShop Pro (i've tested these programs) don't do this.
  10. I don't want to use AA's Assistant. As I said, in my opinion this is a bug in Paint.Net. I have no such problems with the GIMP. Even with the standard settings. Also included a download so everyone can check the pictures: https://workupload.com/file/n4nucWrmpYS Would be nice if we could find a solution without any external plugins... 😉
  11. No, I am and was not offended, just had very little time. Here is my approach. I demonstrate by using an image from the getpaint.net website: 1. Open Image and select an area with S (Shortkey) 2. Highlight the area to be removed 3. Remove area with DEL / ENTF (in Germany) 4. This is how it looks in the end 5. Save image... 6. ...as PNG-file 7. And now open the picture with Windows Photos and the white borders are visible. 8. Zoomed in... As already written, these edges are also visible in
  12. I'm not clear on what you mean. What were the operations you used to cut the edges? >> Select area with S and delete with DEL Was the image originally PNG, or was it some other format? Was it saved directly as a PNG (with the white edges), or was it saved in some other format, then reloaded and combined to form the image saved as a PNG? >> I tested it with the original TGA format (from Quake III Arena) and a PNG version (from Quake Live). The edited image was saved directly as a PNG. Always with the same result. With GIMP, I don't have these white cut e
  13. Hello dear forum members, when I cut out an area in an image with an alpha channel, Paint.Net gives me white streaks on the cut edges. Gimp doesn't have these cut edges. These edges can also be seen in the representation in the game. In Windows 10 "Photos" you can see these edges in a direct comparison. The image is a texture from the game Quake 3 Arena. I added a PNG file as an attachment. On the left the file was edited with Paint.Net and on the right with GIMP. Does anyone have any idea how I can avoid these white edges? Best regards ZerTerO
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