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  1. Thx I do it also like this. Just was thinking I missed something. And also if you download a transparency file then you need to start Again from zero.
  2. The saved file is working correctly. For a better explain. I have a tiff file that have transparency saved. I open it in paint.net and then the transparency is ok . But I want t change or edit the transparency. I don't want to start from scratch . Hope there is a way. In photoshop or gimp you can see the grayscale alpha layers.
  3. I tested paint.net in combinatie with alpha channel plugin and when i create a grayscale image and copy it to alpha it works great. But ones i saved the file, i can't edit just the alpha channel anymore.( i saved the file whit alpha and it's works perfect and when i open it the alpha is visble) But i can't see the channel layer somewhere. so is there a way to view the alpha layer . thx
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