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  1. Thank you @IHaveNoName. For some reason, renaming the font solved the issue: No idea why it occurred in the first place though. It is not a bitmap font.
  2. I hope you don't mind me answering for you, Rob. It's Dutch.
  3. Hello everyone, I've been using a font called Ubuntu Mono, which looks like this: . For one of my projects I need the individual letters of the font to be filled. I used to do that manually, but that became extremely tiring so I made a version of the font, that already comes with filled letters. I called it "Ubuntu Mono Filled". It is supposed to look like this: . And it usually does. All programs except for PDN seem to display it correctly (e.g. WordPad), while PDN displays the font as if it was just "Ubuntu Mono". WordPad Font-selection: PDN Font-selection: I can only guess, that this is somehow caused by PDN's font rendering engine, but I am not a technical expert on this. When I use plugins like "Text+" instead of the normal text-tool it displays correctly. How do I get that fixed?