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  1. @HyReZ eh I'm not really into that type of music. Also as for the advice you tried to give me I didn't get it because the lyrics were hard to distinguish but I think it was something like "give people what they want." Edit: I think the advice was for andrew david, telling him to give me what I want.
  2. HI @AndrewDavid But I asked for the skin to be less orange and more light like this colour this text is in, not to make the entire picture orange
  3. I know this might sound disappointing but i don't really have an interest in getting better at paint.net. Ideally I was just hoping that there was a button that i could press in order to change it back to a regular photograph. But I'm very happy that u made the next best thing. Can you make the skin a bit less orange/yellow and more like the colour this text is in? (I promise this is the last time I'll bother you.)
  4. Can someone please help me. This is childhood memories right here. The only issue is that the picture is blurred and in black and white. I suspect I probably edited it a long time ago in the school lesson. Now I don't know how to use paint.net and I don't know how to change the picture back to normal. Can someone help me out? https://imgur.com/V63Y8Vi
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