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  1. HyRez, Thanks. You have understood what I was trying to say. I too get over 17K colours. I used to use the software SEWART32. In which I could reduce to 256 colours and work from it but it usually takes about few weeks for complex images. Initially, I did not mind but as I keep on repeating the procedure, I have lost interest in it. I need to reduce the number of colours to 7 to keep my embroidery simple and keep the cost down. SEWART32 programme used to provide colour merge and despeckle. I can set a threshold and whichever shades or colour fall out of the threshold will be erased or ignored. Anyway, I have attached a png file for your reference.
  2. Hi, Thanks. My meaning of shades is that a colour that is different from colours around it. Meaning that you could notice a lot of colours or shades occupy between the blue and yellow. All I require is (in my case), Yellow on the left and Blue on the right. I have attached png file for your understanding.
  3. Want to create clear picture without shades. Example in the pictures attached. Posterized it but still could not get rid of shades. Is there any other way? Cannot do manually because what shown is only a tiny part of a large image. Just want to reduce the number of colours from shades to Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Dark Grey and Light Grey. 7 seven colours only.
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