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  1. I think you are absolutely correct. When I'm using Import From File to create a new layer the file I'm selecting has dimensions much smaller than the existing layer, so it seems to be making a selection corresponding to that size. If I just hit ESC everything seems ok. This is why they don't let me near important equipment.
  2. I am making an image that will be used as a book cover. I have a background layer that is a template that will eventually be hidden. The next layer I added from a file, which is another image will be in the center of the cover. The next layer I added will be a colored layer where I will put text, etc. The problem I'm running into is that when I use the Paint Bucket tool to fill Layer 3 with my desired color it only covers an area the size of Layer 2 (the image) instead of all of Layer 3. How do I fully full this empty layer with color? In fact, I will probably add a 4th layer, leaving the 3rd layer as nothing more than a full color layer. That way when I'm adding text, etc. on Layer 4 I can turn off Layer 3 and still the template behind the color flooding. EDIT: Even if I remove the 2nd Layer (image) the remaining layer will only color in an area corresponding to the removed layer. It's as if once I import that image all subsequent layers have the size of that layer. Even if I delete everything except the original template layer there is still a small rectangle in the middle of the screen that corresponds to the size of old image layer.