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  1. When I download the EPS file it tries to open it with notepad and when I try to open it through inkscape it says the file type is unsupported or something.
  2. There's only different options to save different resolutions, but no option to save it as completely transparent like the title says.
  3. I'm not sure. There's no option or anything to make the background completely transparent, even though it says you can place it on a transparent background.
  4. Hello. I need some help in trying to make the background of an image transparent. I recently purchased an image from a website and I was under the assumption the the background would be completely transparent upon buying it, since the background was the same pattern as something that'd be transparent (except it was black and gray instead of white and gray), but sadly it wasn't and I'm not sure how to make it so. The image in question is posted below. If anyone could help me fix this I would really appreciate it! Thanks. If there's a setting or something that will make the background transparent, but keep effect perfect, I would appreciate if someone could tell me about it. Thanks.
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