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  1. I ended up using the following method: -make selection in 1 picture -copy selected part of image into clipboard: ctrl-c -paste into new image: ctrl-alt-v -select all (ctrl-a) in the new image and delete it (del) so you have an empty new image of the correct width and height -save this image -then for each picture do: layers > import from file > select the image from previous step -merge current layer down (ctrl-M) or use F7 popupmenu -move selection with mouse and keyboard (arrows for fine adjustment) above the correct position (use the info in the topleft corner) But the other answers are even better.
  2. Great! Missed the selection dropdown options! Would be great when you first do selection with mouse, then switch to fixed size that the filled in arguments for width and height correspond to the current selection. Also when changing the values, it would be nice if the current selection changes accordingly.
  3. I need to select the same one rectangular area in several different pictures. For example left top (200,200) to right bottom (400,300). I know I can do this with mouse but it's difficult or even impossible for me to exactly do this with the mouse in each picture. Is there another way for example a selection dialog box where I can input these values? Or is there a plugin? If not please see this as a feature request.
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