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  1. @toe_head2001 Thank you very much! The Color Clearer one worked.
  2. @Pixey Well, what I mean by screen, is using the layer blending mode, "screen" is one of the options when pulling up the layer blending mode on a layer. When I use overlays, or images that have black backgrounds, I open it up into paint.net, and I go to the layer that it is on, and I click on the drop down menu where it shows all of the layer blending modes, and I click screen, and usually, everything on that image that is black, will not be visible.
  3. Hi! I've been trying to screen images or overlays with black backgrounds, but it doesn't work, no matter what, it seems to "work" but with the black background still there. Anybody have any advice? I tried restarting my computer and reinstalling Paint.net.
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