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  1. Im going to get more into logo processes and this would be much easier if I could do a quick little circle starting from inside without having to cut and resize and do all that stuff. I saw a few posts from 2010 and 2007 and I was wondering if anyone had made a plugin for it or if there has been an update.
  2. Well now after allthis I’m just considering using it for my personal background. Maybe send it to a friend or two. Whanms for all the help.
  3. All legal things aside fir the moment, I’m going to do some more research, It took me a while to make this, and I was windering if it is worth all this work. Just trying to get some feedback before ai look at all the legal stuff.
  4. So does that mean I can use it publicly but not claim it as mine?
  5. Ok thanks. I guess I'll just use it for personal purposes. I can't really afford that right now.
  6. Sorry if this was in the wrong subfourm (I’m new here), but I was wobdering how this apple background looked and if it would count as copyright if i published it somewhere? It is much higher quality, but I had to compress it due to it being too big.
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone! It was greatly appreciated. I have just one more minor question. What font was that @welshblue
  8. @Ego Eram ReputoI got the new link. Here it is, sorry about that. https://imgur.com/gallery/rKo4PjH Also to be more specific I'm trying to get the effect on the word, "slaying."
  9. I was looking at some thumbnails for ideas and i came across the attached photo, so it has like some white on the corners. This could be useful for some projects. Can someone help me get this look? It would be really appreciated. Thanks! https://imgur.com/gallery/rKo4PjH
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