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  1. Gotcha, makes sense! thanks for your help @Pixey! Have a good one.
  2. Thanks for your reply, however when I resize this way, or by using the resize option with only the top layer selected, the background is still only filling half the canvas. My issue is that on import the canvas size changes to fit the new picture instead of being locked to 800x800 as I set previously. I figured out how to resize the canvas again after import and so my issue is resolved but any suggestions on how to lock the canvas size so it won't change on every new import?
  3. Hi, Newbie to paint here. I'm having an issue with the background image automatically resizing when I import an image as a new layer. Is there a way to get around this? I know that the image I"m trying to import is much larger but I was planning to resize it to fit after import. I resized the canvas to 800x800 right before importing. Also attaching before and after screenshots.