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  1. Hi I am a v new user to paint.net and apologies for asking this forum rather than doing a lot of initial research. What plugin pack or otherwise would you recommend for my use: I am drawing a self build family houses development site the drawing will have roof top views of shaded rectangles with centre (roof ridge) lines it will have grass and plants/trees it will have roads and house driveways Can paint.net with plugins help me in this work
  2. Thank you for this (to date) excellent plugin. My psd icons in my Open File procedure are showing as a pencil top/tip. My JPGs show me a miniature pic. Is it possible to see the miniature pic for my psd files rather than the pencil. BTW I am using paint.net and your plugin trying to wean myself away from photoshop which I have used on moderately frequent occasion for 20 + years and am so far pleased but apprehensive.
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