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  1. Hello, could you tell me please, how could I do something similar like this I hade some progress with plugins in Disort category. First Dents and then jitter by pyrochild. But I am not really happy with the result. I think I have to work with blurs. I am sure the organge lines in the red part can be done with blurs. How do I achieve the light blue paint brush? Btw: This effect can be done in Microsoft's paint but doing it by hand would not look good I think. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Hello, currently I'm creating concept art for a mod (pc game modification). Could you help me in creating (showing me how to) a glowing tail similiar to a coment tail with paint? I found a perfect example in the movie "Starship Troopers": https://youtu.be/8Rx8_vjbXX4?t=2m11s I need them to start from a planet in different states (starting, in the middle, reaching the target), they are aiming for space ships. Maybe from this one: http://www.tokkoro.com/picsup/2859104-earth-space-moon-planet___cosmos-space-wallpapers.jpg What I have done so far: #1 With gradient tool I managed to make a "beam" but it is to straight. #2 Starting "beams" Would be awesome if you could give me some hints or ideas Thank you very much. Cheers, Rootfort
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