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  1. limit of 256K file upload size makes that difficult
  2. Is there a way to clean up documents coming off old microfilm? removal of background non-white is really what I'm looking for. thanks
  3. Thanks to all for responses. looking for tool/plugin that would allow be tilt text and then put a shadow behind it. Think of the Hollywood sign, but tilt it 15degrees back and then have 'Hollywood' appear on the ground behind it as you would in midday sun.
  4. Thanks to all. Lots of great ideas and also ways to enjoy this tool.
  5. I am trying to edit a picture for Halloween of my wife (with her permission btw). She has long hair, past elbows, but it needs to be waist length or longer and additional width to fully obscure her to appear as cousin Itt in the picture. What is the best method to accomplish this? I have tried copying sections and using cut/paste I get something close to what I want but the edges are not blending together well due to slight color or thickness variations. just a beginner, but finding the tool very useful and the community around it very engaged. Being in software for 40+ years, it's interesting to see something very similar to what you saw in early days of home computer software communities.