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  1. Oh yeah no I've read it, it says that nothing was wrong even though there definitely was. it says all tests were successful and that the OS booted properly.Even though there's definitely something wrong.
  2. I doubt the game had malware it was a reputable steam game but hey you never know. Nothing's stopping me from running the update I can do it fully and everything is fine until I restart my computer, allowing the changes to take place. Then after log in there's nothing but a black screen and my cursor. It does the exact same thing updating from windows mode. One thing I did forget to mention however, after running one of the diagnostics checks on windows as the issue is occurring I get an error about a SrtTrail.txt file not working. I can't recall so i'll have to do it again and try taking a picture.
  3. About a week ago or so I was installing a game and as it was installing opened paint.net to quickly crop something. I was prompted to update the program so I went ahead and did it, my guess is that the two installations conflicted somehow and a crash occurred. The taskbar becomes just my static theme color with no programs, task manager cant start, and any attempt to restart my computer after logging in just results in a black screen with my cursor being the only thing visible. Using a restore point fixes the issue but the problem is that since this issue started i can no longer download windows updates. I had just assumed this was a windows issue and was going to take this issue to a Microsoft forum, but, after testing some things I noticed that the only other thing besides Windows updates that causes this system error to happen is attempting to uninstall, update or make any file changes with Paint.Net, updating my graphics drivers many other program installation and uninstallations do not cause this to happen. Only Paint.Net and windows updates. If there is any info I can provide for more help please let me know, I've had to put my windows updates on pause and after this whole news about the WPA2 insecurities I'd really like to update as soon as possible. And just to put more info out there I have already followed this threads instructions to no avail.
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