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  1. Hi, i use for bead art and i would like to know if there was a way can make a line thicker in order to help me knowing when a pegborad woulf end, the pegboards are 29x29, in that would be representented by a 29x29 grid, so, if i create a new image with for example, 116x116 pixels, every 29 would be a more thick line. Thank you in advance
  2. Thanks to everyone who has replied to my question On behalf of what the plugin would need ( and i really aprecciate if it existed) for myself i say, that it let you put either forms or numbers on color so that you can easily see the difference between them, either if you have to put the numbers pixel by pixel or if the plugin let you identify an RGB code and automatically when placed the pixel name it with the number, doesnt matter, both of the opcions would really help. I started thinking of this when i could barely see the difference between a yellow and a pastel yellow tone on, and that got me thinking that, even if my eyesight is good enough to see the difference, eyesight should not be a issue when trying to identifying the colors, for me, in order to place them on a perler work. Once again, thank you for everyone replies, i would really love is there was a way to make this on Paint.NET and if in the future a plugin is made for it, please, let me know on this post. Edit: i have found a page ( thats actually super accurate of what would be great on, in it, if you select "'Cross Stitch'' then "'No preference'' and finally "Create my own design" you will enter a page with a grid that let you put color squares in order to create a pattern, if you go to the color patellete simbol, you will enconter options for colors, such as naming the color, the count that you have putted on the pattern and finally, an option to edit the simbols so that every square with that color can have the same symbol.
  3. I use for pixel art and bead art, i would like to know if you can pur a name, number or form on single color pixels in order to make things easier when working on a project, this would help when you have two similar colors on a very close range, for example, 2 tones of a yellow. The image can lead to a better example of what im asking. sorry for average english, im not native english user. Thank you beforehand