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  1. I recently purchased Paint.net. In the past I used the free version and I believe I had a plugin that would correct the bend or warp or whatever you call it that is created in a some photos. Does anyone know if this is available and where I can obtain it again? Thanks, E
  2. Thanks for all the replies! I will try all of these.
  3. Thanks Pixey - I tried everything mentioned on the link and it still doesn't solve the issue I am facing.
  4. I often use paint.net to alter the backgrounds of photos. I use the paint bucket function. (Yes, I am a super newbie - amatuer, etc). Many times if I am trying to alter the background to a solid white with an object that is also light colored the paint bucket function colors much of the object white as well. I understand how to adjust the tolerance and sometimes can overcome the problem. I have tried to use a background color that is more of a contrast to a light or white object (ex. grey), but the same thing tends to happen. I had reasoned that if the background is an obvious contrast paint bucket would only alter the contrasting color. My question is what is how paint bucket tool function - how does it decide what to alter to white for example? Is there any way to overcome this with background colors?
  5. Newbie - first question - just learning Paint.net - I must have clicked on something wrong. When I try to use the Magic Wand all that happens is that a small icon appears, pulses, looks like something to expand to full screen. What I should do to get back to regular Magic Wand function? Thanks
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