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  1. The recently released version 4.0.13 has fixed everything I mentioned! I feel so honored! Thanks a lot!!
  2. Another small issue I found with the Spanish translation. The tooltip (hint) for the history panel, in English says: And in Spanish it says: That means "And the history...", which doesn't make much sense, only uses one line, "haga clic" (make a click) should simply be "clic", and "Reset", although often understandable, would probably be better if replaced with "Reiniciar". Summarizing: However, I wasn't able to reset the history. Is it working?
  3. Awesome, thanks! BTW, the Canvas Size popup has the exact same issue with the percentage.
  4. As soon as I updated to 4.0.12 I noticed some fonts were bigger, like when you set your Windows' fonts to 125%. I didn't like it much but it wasn't big deal. However, I noticed this affected the "by percentage" option in the resize popup: Previously, it looked like this: If I come across any other issue, I'll add it in this thread. On another topic, the menu option View / Actual size is wrongly translated to "Tamaño actual" (which means "Current size" in Spanish). The best translation is probably "Tamaño real" (literally "Real size"). Thanks!!