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  1. Great plugin! Some comments about the pie chart: The category name is lost as soon as you click on Ok. When you open the popup again, the names are just "Category 1", "Category 2", so there isn't much sense in spend much time writing something there. The pie chart always takes the whole space. If you select an area, it won't make the chart smaller, but just render that specific part of the graph, which in my opinion, doesn't make much sense. It would be great if the existing categories list support multi select, so you can remove more than one at the time. Or if there was a "remove all" or "clear" button. Apparently there is no keyboard shortcut to remove a category, so you have to use your mouse to click on an entry and then on the Remove button repeatedly. It would also be great if clicking or double clicking on an existing category would reload the field above, so you can easily edit it, instead of having to delete and readd it. Add always adds the category at the end. It would be great if it was added before the selected existing category, if any. But this requires that clicking on a selected category un-selects it, so you can still add a category at the end. Too bad it's gone.
  2. The recently released version 4.0.13 has fixed everything I mentioned! I feel so honored! Thanks a lot!!
  3. Another small issue I found with the Spanish translation. The tooltip (hint) for the history panel, in English says: And in Spanish it says: That means "And the history...", which doesn't make much sense, only uses one line, "haga clic" (make a click) should simply be "clic", and "Reset", although often understandable, would probably be better if replaced with "Reiniciar". Summarizing: However, I wasn't able to reset the history. Is it working?
  4. Awesome, thanks! BTW, the Canvas Size popup has the exact same issue with the percentage.
  5. As soon as I updated to 4.0.12 I noticed some fonts were bigger, like when you set your Windows' fonts to 125%. I didn't like it much but it wasn't big deal. However, I noticed this affected the "by percentage" option in the resize popup: Previously, it looked like this: If I come across any other issue, I'll add it in this thread. On another topic, the menu option View / Actual size is wrongly translated to "Tamaño actual" (which means "Current size" in Spanish). The best translation is probably "Tamaño real" (literally "Real size"). Thanks!!
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