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  1. Hi, I have a few photos that I've one on top of the other (they are head shots that I want to be aligned). Now I want to cut a circle out of all of them and save each individually. Hopefully maintaining the original layers (that is, cut the circle just for the sake of saving, but leave the layer intact). What is the best approach to achieve this? (I have 75 photos, so less steps is better)
  2. Thanks. Was looking for something more sophisticated that allows me (with some work) to extend diagonal lines, textures (e.g hair) etc.
  3. I have an image of a person where I want to extend the background to fill the canvas. Sort of interpolation copy or whatever is the right term. How can I do that?
  4. When I zoom, the frame of the selection is not visible, so I can't use the mouse to grab a corner. zooming out means of course it is harder to see whether I resize enough and then zooming in doesn't zoom to where I was before, so I need to scroll.
  5. When the image is larger than the window (zoom), I can't position the left part of it in the middle of the screen. What I mean is that if I move the horizontal scroll bar it will only move until the left edge of the image is at the left edge of the window. But when I want to work on the left edge, things like the tools and colors floating windows obscure parts of the image (and anyway, I'd like to have what I'm working on at the center of the window). So is there a way to position it so there is a space to the left of the image?
  6. I know I can create a selection of fixed size and fill it. But what if I just want a frame (no fill)? How can I create such a rectangle of the exact dimensions I want? I guess I can create another selection, of smaller size, match it to be in the center of the filled rectangle (how? except by moving very carefully?) and then erase. But surely there is a better way?
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