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  1. Allow me to help with reading comprehension then. The first part of this sentence means pressing the arrow key on the keyboard sometimes only moves the cursor, but not the selection itself. The second that after a second press, both the cursor and the selection moves - the cursor by one pixel as usual, the selection by either one or two pixels. In both cases the keyboard works, otherwise the cursor wouldn't have moved either. Please don't be rude.
  2. Dear PaintDotNet staff, ever since the new version released in January, I have been encountering a problem when moving a selected area using the directional keys. In earlier versions the directional keys would move the cursor and the selection by 1 pixel in the selected direction. Now it sometimes only moves the cursor, then after a second press it either moves the selection by 2 pixels or 1 pixel - it is random. I have been using this program for years for pixel work and it is important to me to be able to accurately move parts of an image. It is rather annoying when I press the key 32 times and it only moves the selection about 28-29 pixels in that direction instead. If you would fix this error introduced by your latest version, I would forever be grateful. Thank you for your help in advance, Farkas Ürdüng
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