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  1. I'm having trouble figuring out layers, when you can create them and can't. when to merge, why i can't rename them etc etc......These took me HOURS of confusion and frustration lol
  2. Here's more I couldn't post file was to big....I cant got this error message :You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community. jpg and png I cant upload those file extensions? Then when trying to upload I get this: Error This upload failed the file size is 56.5KB Dimensions 608x526 in JPG What is going on ?????
  3. Here's some I made or altered, i still don't have this program down so !!!
  4. this is for a REAL bike, Yamaha v star 650 classic. there is No rev counter (RPM) gauge
  5. IRON when you get a chance to make the changes would be appreciated, Thanks, Buck
  6. The only change if possible moving the numbers to the outer edge of face plate so they are all in the black and reducing the purple cross to the inside of the numbers, Also can you reverse the 4 signs so the images in each sign is white or transparent and filling the signs circle in black? See picture attached
  7. THANKS IRON, Please see my comment to dipstick........... I like yours you have included where the needle stop pin goes. If you can get the black images in the 4 bottom holes that would be awesome !!!! Thanks Buck
  8. dipstick Very nice !! I don't mean to sound like I'm whining, I just can't figure out this program !!! The Pic you created is almost exactly what I am looking for. The only change if possible moving the numbers to the outer edge of face plate so they are all in black and reducing the purple cross to the inside of the numbers, So no numbers over lap or touch the purple, and make the white areas in the 4 circle indicators transparent but leaving the black images inside of them ? Thanks for taking the time to create that !!! Buck See Image
  9. I'm about ready to hang this up, I spend hours night after night with this program and end up with nothing accomplished or learned. I have always been a quick study, I don't know whats wrong with me !! The tutorials are very vague or for advanced users. there are no "for example if your wanting to do this" It's almost like this program is written in a foreign language (Swahili) Thanks to everyone ESPECIALLY IRON for your help but i feel your wasting your time as I am wasting mine............Right NOW at this moment I admit DEFEAT !!!!
  10. IRON said: And yes - I haven't added your new background because I wasn't sure about exact dimensions and trancparency, What dimensions do you need? Transparency? I'm going to print the finished image on a transparency is that what you were referring to? Good Luck with you shoot !!!!
  11. Ok got it I understand now you have to name each layer, I saw that in the image you created with the bobbed wire, spikes , and numbers, when i clicked on properties all those layers were visible, Thanks for telling me the order to create an image I started with the back ground but I became so frustrated I gave up and posted I assume in the right order what I wanted to do, correct? When I clicked on http://workupload.com/file/9Iv9vTZT and downloaded it , opened it it Paint clicked on Layer properties it only shows this
  12. I am going to be printing this new custom face plate on a TRANSPARENCY (clear plastic sheet) Is this image better-----> As far as printing goes printers 97% don't have white ink, there for any white area is clear basically, even if you print on colored paper the white areas will be the paper color I'm pretty sure ?
  13. 5 hours tonight !!!! This program is so not newbie friendly, I imported----> then I tried to duplicate that layer it did it but have no idea where it duplicated to, I'd click on layer properties the box would pop up and say layer3 where is layder1 & 2 ? then i tried to create a new layer NO DICE !!! I tried to lay a layer over another so I could make sure it lined up right couldn't do that either !!! WHAT PAINT WON;T LET ME ATTACH IMAGES IN IT'S OWN FILE FORMAT WOW !! HERE IS what i want, this as the whole background----> then ONLY the red numbers outlined in black layed on t
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