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  1. Could you make the dialog non-Modal. I am seeing the workflow as a user creating a new layer Then launching the Ruler With the dialog open, there is no way to move the ruler under the desired image to ensure that the measurement it exact. Then after the dialog is closed, there is no way to get back to that dialog for that ruler. so if it were non-Modal, then the user could create a new layer, launch the ruler effect and then move the layer to the correct position under the specific image and then adjust the settings. again - I appreciate this so very very much. You are amazing. Thanks again, Kurt
  2. My goodness - I can't believe it - thank you so VERY VERY much for taking that time out. I am pushing for 4 to get installed - but with the version increase they need to re-review the EULA. fun fun.... this is awesome - I am really impressed - fantastic work.... Thanks so very much. :D :D Beautiful work. When you finish - I think the folder should be Measurement and the tool called Ruler Tool Thanks again. Kurt
  3. Getting new stuff installed here can take some time. I will set up a test environment - but for now I am stuck with 3.5.4 for at least the next several months. In order to install software it has to be packaged and installed from a central install system. Fun fun... If it will not work until 4.09 I totally understand as this is older. If it can work partially with 3.5.4 awesome - that will get us kicking... Then more room to push to version 4. Again thanks so very much. In response to your ruler question - yes that is more what I am looking for - a ruler to measure a specific object in the image. Be great if it had text above it to state the exact measure amount. Thanks so much. Kurt
  4. Thank you so very much for putting this together and so quickly. - I downloaded the zip file and copied it into my effects folder, but I am not seeing it listed under Effects. I have version Is that a problem? That is the current version that is available to us to install - I am working on getting the latest deployed but at present that is what I have. This is awesome - to go forward - what I am looking for is something like Eli posted. For example in the picture you posted above, if the ruler could be below one of the boats and have a measurement above it to reflect the exact measurement of the boat itself. That is what I am after. Again thank you so much for jumping on this - it is really awesome. Thanks again, Kurt
  5. We use a Microscope to take pictures and I would like to draw a ruler on the image so that it can be documented at a particular scale. Is there a plugin that will allow me to do this? I have seen a few older posts on this but no definitive answers beyond the status bar. Centimeters are obviously too big with uM units. So two questions: 1) Ability to draw a ruler on the image reflecting the distance from a to b 2) Ability to change units of ruler to be um micro meters. Worst case if we can only get #1 then we can work out the actual value on a calculator form centimeters. Thanks for your time. Kurt