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  1. @ Bondenson Thank you very much! TOTAL SUCCESS!!! Revo unistaller was a total success. It did a great job of cleaning out Paint.net 4.0.6 which allowed me to install 4.0.9 (although I had to use the force uninstall which took a little work and thought) I am now a happy camper. Thanks to everyone for trying to help.
  2. @ Bondenson Thanks for the info - will see if i can find the software you suggested. I will also tell my computer to display any and all hidden files that might have an impact.
  3. @ toe_head Hope the attachments answer your question. When I click browse the new screen shows the x64 -------- which appears to be the install msi file. but in the wrong folder if I browse to the proper path it just gives me the same problem - no installation.
  4. Because I can not update my 4.0.6 version of Paint.net and no help appears to be coming I want to remove the software from my computer and perhaps start fresh with a clean installation. Not going to happen. When I go to the control panel and use the "programs and features" selection to uninstall, the attachments to this post illustrate my situation. I am not familiar with the problem I am having just to uninstall. There something in my update to 4.0.6 back when, that appears to be missing. I want to remove this software but with my limited knowhow I am not willing to mess with the registry on my main computer with out help.
  5. OK gentelmen here is were I am and it is not a good place. Not having used cdm commands for 15 years I might be a little slow there, but.... I was able to get the two msi files as instructed. Renamed the 64 bit msi to the name requested by the install. Placed said renamed file in C:\program files\paint.net\staging... The problem remains the same. Ran the install.exe file from the zip file with the exact same results. When worst comes to worst from the control panel "Programs.._will not allow me to uninstall paint.net. I do not find an uninstall program in the paint.net folder. The sun is no longer shining...
  6. I'm sorry but I must be a little dense. How do I run the installer with /createMsi. I find no way to add anything to the installer. The only folder on my desktop that has anything to do with paint.net is the zip file folder for version 4.0.9 If I click on that folder and try to unzip, it just starts the install process which will always fail. At least the sun is out.
  7. I have been using Paint.net sense 3.0 and have updated over time to my current version 4.0.6. I have never had problems until 4.0.8. I have tried the suggestions made on the forum to no avail. Today I tried version 4.0.9 with the same results. I then went from my desktop computer to my surface 2 and 4.0.9 loaded with out a problem - go figure. I have looked for the msi in the paint.net folder on my desktop that the install says I don't have. In the staging folder I have 20 different msi files, what this all about. I'm at the stage of frustration where I might uninstall my much used 4.0.6 and try a fresh 4.0.9 install as though my computer had never had 4.0.6 (such was the case on the surface 2). My other option is to call up the man who creates this software and have him come over to my house for coffee. (Seems we both live in the same town) I know "That's not going to happen" I have a mystery on my hands and don't have a clear understanding what is going on.
  8. @Ishi Thanks for the response. I went to the location mentioned in your post for Framework 4.6.1 to no avail. I was informed that my system already has the version or a more current one installed. Made several attempts last night to load paint.net 4.0.8 with no success. My frustration level has peaked, I guess I am stuck with Paint.net 4.0.6.
  9. I have spent most of this morning tring to install 4.0.8 without success. I hope someone somewhere has a solution... Below are screen shots of what happens trying to install . I am currently using 4.0.6 and attempting to update from settings feature. I have checked the staging folder in the 4.0.6 folder and it does not contain any reference to the paintdotnet_x64-1246488643.msi