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  1. I don't know what this effect is called, so I'm having trouble finding tutorials on how to do it. Here are some examples: Example 1 Example 2
  2. I've been using Paint.Net since the year it was made, and I've always felt the Text tool was very lacking and in desperate need of an upgrade. Though, I suppose that's what plugins are for, right? I've used the Editable Text plugin, but it's not quite what I'm looking for. What I'm looking for is a way to type out text and change the stylization of only certain words rather than the whole object. Rather than looking like this when typed with a single use of the tool, it could instead look like this with a single use of tool, simply by toggling the bold or italics buttons while typing. When typing text with the intent for one or more words to be emboldened or italicized, it can be hard to guess how much more space the word's bold or italic version will need. You end up having to use the Rectangle Select and Move tools to move everything around after typing it all. Very time-consuming. Last time I made a topic like this, I discovered that such the tool I was looking for already existed (despite my having looked for it), so I'm hoping for similar news this time!
  3. There is one layer. It's Opacity is at max, and the blending type is Normal. The status bar says the usual things in the bottom-right, but information about the line object that normally appears in the bottom-left is missing entirely. I've never had this problem, so I guess I never noticed.
  4. I recently installed the latest version of Paint.net (version 4.0.8). The basic tools work fine, except for the line tool. No matter what colors I have selected, nothing appears when I draw with it. Line width and type don't matter, nor do Style, Fill, or Blend types. The nubs also don't appear until I let go of the left mouse button. None of the plugins I have installed mess with the line tool (as the same plugins exist on my other computer, and the effects are not replicated there).
  5. I thought pyrochild's Grid Warp plugin would help, but it's almost impossible to keep the lines straight. Below is a before-and-after example of the efffect I'm looking for.
  6. I do have the latest version, yes. Version 4.0.5. It's set to automatically check for updates.
  7. I read the topic in its entirety. So, what I'm getting from that, is that if I want a realistic brush setting, I have to a) download the beta, wait for it to be re-implemented, which they promised over a year ago, or c) wait for someone to make a working plugin that does this (as the one that guy used didn't seem to). Am I correct?
  8. Back in 2009, I had this really cool laptop that came with a stylus that you could use on the screen itself. It even folded into a tablet shape so you could draw in your lap. Unfortunately, it broke down a few years ago, and I've had a subpar one ever since. The reason I bring this up is because I've always used Paint.net, even when I had that laptop. Well, shortly after getting it, I realized that using the stylus gave my brush lines varying widths as I drew (like how a brush should act). I really enjoyed this feature, but I had no idea what allowed it to occur. When the laptop broke, the feature was lost to me, and even after getting a WACOM tablet, the variable width is not present. Is there an obvious setting in Paint.net I'm missing that adjusts brush sensitivity? I'd like to have variable brush width again, both with and without a stylus. Is there a plugin that adds this feature?