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  1. Hello, thanks for releasing Paint.NET 4, I really enjoy seeing this program evolve. I am french, and I wanted to post some feedback about the translation. There are two minor fixes to do in the new strings used in the option window. In the update tab, in fact I see what is meant but nobody says it this way. Here we should read : Vérifier automatiquement au démarrage les mises à jour. Vérifier automatiquement au démarrage les mises à jour en version beta. There is no need to say "version finales" for the released updates, if it is not beta or RC, it is final version. Here it should say : Accélération matérielle (GPU). Physical memory translates to : Mémoire physique. I can give you translated strings for the other items if needed (although CPU stuff can remain in english). By the way, the language doens't change when I set another language in the options, but this is another topic.
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