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  1. BUT>>>> removed all extensions and then uninstalled PDN ran all the good stuff and not I am re download paint and will go through the process of downloading and unzipping then installing ... Damn i sure wish my daughter computer was still up and running .... i would open teamviewer and go into her computer and just copy all the plugins and then download them here so very much easier
  2. I did the only time i went away from here was when the plugin creator from here told me too. I dont even know where to look for additional plugins for PDN... So cough cough if i left here it was at the say from 1 of the plugins creators I figured they would not take me to a place not to be trusted
  3. I can not tell you which "read me" they were but 2 of them said to put the dlc that came with it in there as well as the lib in the file type folder but i will b honest with you they are in both the file type filer as well as in the Paint.NET folder ... I figure it cant hurt to have them both places ... But I have really tried this time to load the paint as it should be... Before I refreshed my computer and it erased my PDN ... All the Paint folders had all the extensions in it :O I know I am bad ... It worked fine lmao for the most part ...lmao what can I say patience is not one of my str
  4. Hello Everyone!! Thanks for the help so far and we are getting things fixed... I am still having issues with the PSD Filter. My PSD files are still not showing in PDN. I have read all the above and of course put the different files in the correct places and in PDN it is no longer showing any plugins loading errors. I have read the "READ ME" that come with the plugin and followed them to a t but it is still not working This time I have included some screen shots below ♥ Red, thank you for the help so far and explaining in an understandable way making it easy for me to get most of it fixed
  5. oppps except 2 ... I am not sure what it is called when you have your picture high lighted or make a square on the picture .. as long as it is highlighted u can rotated with the little hand or arrow .... and on the bottom of pdn their use to b a bar to make picture smaller or larger (just so u could view it) so if u were working on a small part u could enlarging it with out actually enlarging the picture.. If any1 knows what i am talking about and have the plugins handle it would b awesome ♥
  6. I am using 3.5 and I got it from here ... the very first time I loaded it.. I never deleted the install down load from my computer .. hence having to search all my many of files lmao took for ever lmao but Red ochre I could just kiss u ... There were other files in the effects folder ... they have been removed and it seem to have all my wonderful toys in it again ♥ but now my question is where do i put the different type of files i have listed below ? If u would not mind ♥ applications pdb files cs files configure setting resourse files
  7. Only 1 place I would trust to download from HERE ... With the exception of 1 plugin the PS filter one and I got the place to download that plugin from 1 of the admins here a while ago. but will check on the other things and if everything is how it should be I will get a screen shot for you ♥
  8. I am sorry... I should of made it clear... I know that some plugins are not compatible with the 2 different versions of paint. And I do have the correct plugins loaded and put in the programs/ paint.net/effects folder. When I first reloaded paint, I re loaded paint 4 ... NO PLUGINS!!! So I thought, hmmmm maybe they changed where the plugins are located and looked could not find them... So had to track down the down load link for 3.5 thinking i would be more familiar with where things were, but after searching OMG hundreds of folders on my computer and then re downloading and unipping tons of p
  9. Hello Everyone I had to re download paint after refreshing my computer... I have re downloaded and installed all (well at least I think) my plugins. I am putting them in the programs effects folder but they just are not showing !!!! None of them and I am going insane trying to fix it I have not up dated to the new 4 paint, I am still running 3.5.11 because some of the plugins I use are not comparable with the new version but either way seem they do not want to play nicely with me... and my poor paint leaves me because he is so dang lonely from not having all the pretty and fun things he norm
  10. where do i post for help with the plugins? I am putting them in the programs effects folder but they just are not showing !!!! None of them and I am going insane trying to fix it :(

  11. BoltBait!!!! You are NOW my hero!!! If I actually wanted more kids, I would name 1 after u ... Well, maybe your real name... I cant imagine yelling BoltBait on a regular basics But thank you very much ♥
  12. Long ago My paint.net had a plug-in that allowed me to open and use PSD Layered pictures. I recently got a new computer and I cant find the plug in anywhere and dont know the name of it to search for it. Any help would be wonderful ... I also wanted to thank all of u for your time and hard work on Paint.net. I LOVE this picture editor... I am new to editing and have learnt and figured out so much with your program.. So thank you very much it is the cheapest mental health therapy (lmao) I have ever had ♥ and if any1 wants plz add me ♥
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