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  1. Hi, It's getting close to Christmas and my only wish this year would be the ability to add my favorite plugins or functions to a toolbar. Thank you for developing this program! It is great! Happy Holidays Jenna
  2. It is a nice features those custom palettes! Thanks for the help everybody. However, It will not make editing quicker when you are trying to smudge (by combining Hardness and opacity) the faults of a drawing away. For example, you have a face and you are trying to erase all the faults away making it a perfect face. When you do that using the colorpicker and the paintbrush tool it will take many actions switching between colorpicker and opacity setting (because the transparancy is not a fixed variable). I easily do 50 color picks for a simple edit hence 50 times changing the opacity value manually. This is also a reason why I can not use a custom color palette because one never knows which colors I will need. I hope I explained it a bit better. Many thanks!!
  3. Many thanks for the tips! I'm a bit of a beginner in Paint.Net. I worked with an ancient program called Micrographics Picture Publisher for years. Unfortunately it doesn't work in Windows 7 or 8 and they don't update it anymore. So I need to get used to new a paint program hence new methods :-( I tried several paint programs and I like Paint.net most of all! Anyway, I tried the suggestions and it works (many thanks!), but one thing is a bit cumbersome; the opacity always returns to 255 when changing color (or using the color picker) and the Color window does not remain "more" (the options you get when pressing 'more') after you close Paint.net. It does not "remember" the 'more' setting. Thanks!
  4. Hi, First of all my sincere congrats with Paint.Net!!! Super program! Thanks for making such a neat cool graphic tool! I hope you don't mind making a suggestion: a transparency setting in the Paintbrush tool. I really miss this option. The Hardness setting works fine, but it does not fade the paintbrush hence becoming softer. Transparency setting/slider would. My best greetings and thank you, Jenna
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