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  1. Hello again. And thanks for your support Haeri and johnnysdream. Also thank you for your response pdnnoob and others. Actually I've been using this program for about 2-3 years. I've decided to make an account here, to simply put those ideas down hoping that someone, sometimes, will gonna look over them and choose something to implement. I didn't get mad reading those responses. Usually I respect the people with all the goods and the bads they have. Sorry for grammar, english is not my native language-I forghot to say. I would like to thank you all for reading this topic. I thought some of the ideas written above have some importance...in everyone's life, but in the end I gave up hoping of something. ....we live in a cruel world. Where everything is based on money...money and money. May I ask you something, moderators? If this software is also so important for you...why on God's sake is being made by ONLY ONE person? When a car is born/being made...a whole team is doing its best to make it nr. 1 on the market! Why only one guy is doing this, when you clearly see all these necessities we have here! Did you happen to know, if we take for example point nr. 2 (appreciated by johnnysdream, too).....millions of people will save hundreads and thousands of cumulated hours of their precious time? How much do you care of us?!? That one who offended me...maybe you are a simple moderator. But we are using this program EVERY DAY!! You do not have to use it at all. All you have to do is to ban people and to keep this forum clean from bots, swearing, double posts and so on. But WE CARE!! And yes, maybe we should try to make our own software instead as you suggested. Like this btw? www.pixlr.com But doing this, we'll make sure ours is the best of the best....and in this way...what will be the purpose of your existence from that point in time forward? That's why, some of us, have chosen to stay with this one and make improvements with small advice, sugestions, tips, etc. Do you happen to know that others are well payed to descover glitches and to offer solutions that we are giving them free, here, without any need of charge? To find what??? -That all (or some) of you don't even need them? We simply don't exist for you?? -That there is only one person working on a program we love so much? Of course we can use Photoshop, but that's why we are still here: we've been using Paint.NET for a long time, to appreciate anything else more than this.
  2. We just want to make it the best program on the market. And this is our second help: by sharing tips, suggestions, crash logs and so on. If the money is more important...just sell it and get rich!
  3. Hello, We are using this great program almost every day. These are some of the problems I/we have found so far and prevents us from using Paint.NET effortlesly. We'd like to have them in the future if it's possible. Thanks! VERY IMPORTANT: 1) When you select something, it's better to have another window in the opposite corner that shows our selection sightly enlarged (to the pixel size). Just like in the Fast Stone Capture program when capturing rectangular region. In this way, we don't have to enlarge the whole image just to select the desired portion of it. VERY IMPORTANT: 2) Can we have a middle click option that allows us when we press it, to drag the whole image (including everything: windows, layers, etc)? It gets annoying to exit every time from our editor surface and use both up&down scrollers to adjust the position of our editor zone. 3) When you save an image after editing, the option with SAVE CONFIGURATION or FLATTEN LAYERS should be removed. Or at least, make it optional. Why do we have to click this OK buttons all over again, all out life? 4) When you copy-paste an image, its rotation should be done placing the mouse cursor the closer to the outside corners-or better removed. The rotation arrow outside the image annoys us, because if we don't use this option, it gets in our way of dragging the selected portion of the image properly. We also have the right click for this option! (ON/OFFoption to show the rotation arrow or not during the editing) 5) We want the icons we use often to be draggable in the middle of the screen on the same line. I want to have the UNDO/REDO buttons in the middle of the screen. In this way I save a looot of time, looking for them in the corners of the main window. 6) An option that allows us to delete the layers by pressing the DELETE button on the keyboard. Or dragging them over the X (delete) sign from the bottom of the window. 7) The main theme of the program it gets dull after a period of using Paint.NET. We should have a large variety of color schemes to choose from: dark glossy, wood, etc. 8) All the options (rotation,flip, adjust, effects, etc) to be taken out of the main window and positioned individually wherever we want (alligned on the same line or wherewer we want in the editor zone). 9) An option to activate the top buttons with hover instead of clicking on them. 10) An option to have the SAVE US (Ctrl+Shift+S) button right in front of our eyes. Usually we don't use keys shortcuts. 11) An option of instant HORIZ/VERT flip only for the selected layer or/and image. Now it flipps all the prodject!! When we drive the car and turn left/right...it turns only the car, not the entire road/city! 12) The tool window cannot be resized horizontally. And also cannot be draggable on the upper button rows to win space. We want an option (if it's possible) that all the main windows (tools, history, layers) to be taken outside of the working zone and be visible/reappear when hovering on the far edge of the screen 13) There is a large amount of unused space on those two upper button rows. We need sticky windows and sticky effects/adjustments to fill it. For example we use an effect all over again and want to be extracted from the main list and place it visually in the line with others we use them frequently. Now my EFFECTS --> RENDER has many options to choose from. The option to slide through them vertically is discouraging. It's better to see them all on the same page. 14) Layers window - when you drag a layer over the other (5% procent) it's better to activate the option of merging those two layers....following the up&down merging rules, of course. 15) Layers window - when you want to drag a layer to get passed the last one in the window, if the layer list is too long, it does not scroll it automatically and you are force to drag the chosen layer, to use the scroll, drag again, stop, scroll, drag, scroll, and so on. It looses the purpose of simply dragging. 16) At hover over layer - the down options to (optionally) appear also over that selected layer. IMPORTANT: 17) The layers to be grouped in folders. In this way we can eliminate all the mess from the Layers Window. 18) Layers window - to be able to horizontally resize the window to the icons dimension (+ layer on/off option pe iconita), to enlarge the working space. 19) Layers window - the ON/OFF sign to streatch onto the whole heigh of the layer to be easily pressed down. 20) Optional transparency over the down option bar. IMPORTANT 21) When we save the image (even when we have added other images on the prodject), to be memorized the type of the preferred saved format (PNG, JPG, PAINT.NET, etc) not only the PAINT.NET format all the time. 22) We want a new window called GRIDS (horiz/vertic) to draw grids over the layers. The grids should be sticky (ON/OFF) in order the items to stick on them. The lines to be copyable from a Grid Layer into another Grid Layer. 23) When you turn off a layer, the cursor shouldn't move over the first visible layer and to remain on the closed layer. It helps if you have many layers, and now if you have a visible layer at the bottom of the main window, you go there, even if your next action will be to work and select the first layer from the window. 24) When you double click a visible window to close it down to minimize it. Now, if we want more space, we continuosly drag those windows all over the screen to see the visible space. 25) The ZOOM IMAGE option to be optionally localized not only on the right downwards but upwards, too. VERY IMPORTANT: 26) When you drop an image on the current prodject, to be able to drop in in ANY of the upper windows/prodjects previosly opened and not only in the currently working window. 27) OPTIONAL (ON/OFF): Open photos in 100% screen, rather in window (but leave this option applyable, too). When someone only works with photos opened in 100%, if he opens up many photos in the same time, is forced to enlarge them individually to 100% one by one. 28) An option to separate the button for WINDOW screen and for 100 % WINDOW. Now it's all in one and it gets its job done very well, but some people would like to have these two functions separately from each other. VERY IMPORTANT: 29) If MOVE SELECTED PIXELS is active we'd like to be able to drag and drop another image WITHOUT deselecting the component first. In many cases we use to do this and we are forced to deny the new drag and drop until this condition is set. 30) At a pressing of a button (or an option ON/OFF) to memorize the last option used when importing the picture (open new or add layer). 31) When MOVE SELECTED PIXELS is active, an option to prevent the showing of that tiny border around image because it gets over our contour. That border should appear only when we hower the selection with the cursor. This option is necessary, because at a sensitive mouse-in this moment-holding the button of the mouse down to remove the border to see and move precisely the selection, it is very difficult to deviate the selection. We want to remove the border without keeping the mouse down (ON/OFF mode) or at least to increase the delay of re-appearing of the border.
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