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  1. I clicked this link:http://users.telenet.be/krisvandermotten/Downloads/PaintDotNetEffects.html And all it shows is the pic I posted
  2. Thnx Pixey! your the best!But I can't install the drop shadow thing
  3. ok so I install A A'$ Assistant and applied itBut still see does edges!:
  4. heres what it shows when i click the link http://prntscr.com/3pj16l
  5. I don't have the drop shadow option like used in the vid Can someone tell me more bout it?
  6. Hey guys! I tried it once on my own with my own method The result: How does it look?
  7. Does the background look like this?: If yes,The background is transparent!
  8. So I just wanted to know to make the Club Penguin #My Penguin App Logo in Paint.Net? The font looks something like this: The name of the font is Burbank Big Wide Bold I want the text: "Frosty Club Penguin Guide" in the my penguin app font!So can you please explain me the steps with pics? Thank you!
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