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  1. It is not, I created it from scratch using CodeLab. Originally I created it because my brother couldn't get anyone else's selection mirror plugins to work, but I managed to after I had already posted my own version (unfortunately). But since it seems both you and Toli have working plugins, this post is redundant and pointless, feel free to delete it.
  2. I know there's a mirror plugin (Toli's effects) out there, but noticed it's from 2007 and now errors on loading. I created an up to date one to mirror a selection horizontally, vertically or both with CodeLab (Took less than 15 minutes! Pretty cool plugin!). Mirroring the selection is done by clicking Adjustments at the top menu, then Mirror selection. A new window should pop up offering your options and previewing in realtime. Edit: On trying again, noticed I forgot to copy a DLL from toli's effects, appears his plugins still work. This post can be deleted if anyone wants it to be. Mirror.zip