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  1. Still uncertin as to what triggers this, but sometimes the progress bar at the bottom of the main window gets stuck in a loop of filling from the left to the right, then emptying from the left to the right. Like it's thinking or processing something - but I have nothing going on when it's happening - it seems to continue even after I save all open files.
  2. Is there - or will there be any tutorials for the new features and how to use them? Maybe a video outlining the feature list. For now I'll just have fun discovering new things!
  3. I just want to say I am so impressed with everthing I have been able to discover. I make YouTube videos and I wish I had a good way to record my desktop directly so I could promote that you that way. Instead I will just continue to recommend Paint.net to everyone and perhaps post a few tweets here and there. I have found a few possible bugs here and there. but I will post those in their own topic... Thanks for working so hard to get to this point! Brandonn "bRanN" Richmond http://www.bDoubleN.com
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