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  1. Yeah, thanks for ignoring me and not answering a single question. And I downloaded a single plugin pack, not the whole internet. I only have a stupid brain, that's not just words. And if somebody could have mentioned anywhere that I have to uninstall the old version for testing the new one, I really wouldn't have installed it. I just thought anybody could use a little help in finding bugs, couldn't find many of them in the forum. So just keep it crashing the whole computer when clicking on plugin errors. And while you are there, delete this account. I don't know why users shouldn't be allowed to delete their own data, but I think that's what America stands for. Ignoring people who speak their mind, storing and linking their data so it would be a tiny little planet -.-
  2. Hi there, I just started writing here when I had a look into the settings of 4.0a. After choosing plugin errors, the computer went totally still. The screen was frozen, mouse and keyboard could have been not connected and I had to hard reset my computer. I then chose the same picture I finished this morning in V3.5.11, chose the same plugins and v4a keeps crashing. Not with every plugin of course, but about half of them. I just gave up. And now the most sucking detail: Why on earth has to be installed? Why isn't there a portable installation? And what is it doing on my computer? And why can't I have a choice to keep the old version when installing the new one? I really have to use Gimp, Photoshop Elements, and MS Paint. But now V4 doesn't want to work, I wasn't allowed to keep 3.5 and I really hate it when I'm forced to do something. If you want Alpha/Beta testers in the future, give them a choice. And as there are so many plugins, brushes and whatever else, there's no way my stupid brain can save all information that you must have somewhere in your history, but aren't willing to present there. Which degree did I use? Which depth, which strength, which RGB code? To get a picture the way you want it keeps hours, but of course I'm willing to spend some more of them just to write down every single step I take -.- Sorry, but I don't need anymore and I'm really sorry I buyed a Bamboo which came shipped with PSE9. Regards Peremptor System: Win7 Pro 64-bit AMD 6 Core x3,2GHz 8GB RAM Sapphire HD 6800 + 4GB RAM